Repairing, rebuilding and replacing teeth with natural-looking restorative treatments

Whether it’s a back tooth that needs a filling or replacing a tooth that has been extracted, we can restore your teeth to look and function just like a natural tooth. We have a range of different treatments, offering different levels of restoration so you can continue with a complete smile.


A large percentage of people in the UK have had a tooth filled. It’s a very common procedure used to fill in cavities or address light damage. At Camden Dental, we use composite fillings to repair teeth. Dental composite is a type of resin that contains plastic and glass, making for a very durable material that can be colour-matched to the tooth. The result is a very natural-looking restoration.

As the composite is applied directly to the tooth when we restore it, there’s no need to remove any healthy tooth to accommodate it. The filling also helps with the overall strength of the tooth.


For teeth that have had extensive damage that goes beyond what a filling can solve, we can use crowns. We also use crowns to repair front teeth. Made from porcelain or ceramic, crowns are caps that fit over the tooth for a complete restoration. To accommodate the crown, part of the tooth needs to be removed so it can fit in place.


We can replace single missing teeth using a bridge that relies on the either on either side of the gap to support the false tooth. The abutment teeth have a layer of enamel removed to accommodate the crowns which are fixed to the replacement tooth. The result is a very natural-looking restoration that fills in the gap, leaving your confidence intact.

Using implants in restorative dentistry

Dental implants are titanium posts that are fitted into the jaw so they can support either a crown for a single missing tooth, a bridge for more than one missing tooth, or used in combination to replace a full arch.

Implants are the next best thing to natural teeth in how they provide essential support to the jawbone. Missing teeth can cause problems if not replaced as the jaw bone degrades, leading to a loss of facial structure. Implants prevent this as they encourage the bone to heal and replenish as the titanium fuses to the bone. The strong biological bone gives the implant enough strength to support more than one replacement tooth and can be used to support a whole bridge.

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