Dr Jan Blekkingh Dentist
GDC: 62524

Dr Jan Blekkingh

Tandarts Amsterdam 1987
GDC: 62524

Jan Blekkingh is passionate about all aspects of community and private dentistry. Jan qualified as a dental surgeon in Amsterdam and has been working in London since 1988. He joined the Camden Dental Centre in 1993 and bought the practice with Dr Martin Gilbert in 2005. Jan has developed all aspects of general dentistry at Camden Dental Centre and has specialised in cosmetic dentistry, whitening procedures, straightening using invisible braces (Clearstep), veneers (Lumineer), crowns and inlays.

Jan is a skilled and enthusiastic sailor and sails in yacht races around the world. Like any self-respecting Dutchman, Jan is also a keen cyclist and cycles to and from work every day.

Jan lives with his wife and two young daughters in Hampstead.

Martin Gilbert Dentist
GDC: 47742

Martin Gilbert

BDS Lond 1974, LDS Royal College of Surgeons Of England 1974
GDC: 47742

Coming from a family of dentists, Martin understands what both the patient and the referring dentists want and need. It is with the old fashioned values of care and attention which the practice is infused, that has led Camden to become an international centre for implantology as well as general dentistry.

Doubly qualified from King’s College London and the Royal College of Surgeons (1974), he has been involved in the implant world since the early nineties.

Martin attended the surgical and prosthetics course at the Eastman Dental Postgraduate Hospital in 1997 (Nobel Biocare), the surgical and prosthetics courses in Straumann and a number of other systems. He was recently part of an international team in Romania, carrying out advanced bone treatments, soft tissue reconstruction and, of course, placing implants.

He has worked with a number of the leading dentists and specialists, observing their techniques and seeing the results over many years. He is continuously passing on the benefits of this to the dentists working at Camden.

At the centre, he and his colleagues are continuously reviewing techniques, materials and implant systems to ensure that the patient and the referring dentist can get the best achievable results.

Dr. Gilbert has written numerous advice and instructional sheets for hundreds of his colleagues, advising them on implants, implantology and on informing patients about what can and cannot be achieved in the world of implantology. Camden Dental Implant Centre is a major sponsor of local advisory dental meetings for hundreds of dentists.

Dr. Gilbert is one of the senior partners at Camden, where he has been operating since 1991. In the implant world, continuity is important and in London, with high mobility, continuity and reliability is an important plus. Patients come back to us time and time again after many years and they are pleased to see not only that we are still here but that we also remember them.

Evdokia Chasioti Specialist Periodontist
GDC: 223494

Evdokia Chasioti

Specialist Periodontist
Dental Surgeon (Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2008), Specialist Periodontist and Implant Surgeon (Rutgers School of Dental Medicine NJ, USA, 2012)
GDC: 223494

Evdokia brings her exceptional skill as a periodontist and implant surgeon to our team of specialists here at Camden Dental. She received her Master of Dental Science in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry at the prestigious university of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (Rugters School of Dental Medicine) where she served as the chief resident of the department. Evdokia obtained her Masters of Dental Science in Periodontology with distinctions.

In 2013, Evdokia received one of the highest recognitions of achievement afforded by the specialty of Periodontology and became a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, successfully completing a rigorous examination covering all phases of periodontal disease and its treatment, including dental implants. Additionally, she is an international member of the British Society of Periodontology and the international team of Implantology.

As a specialist at Camden Dental, Evdokia gives patients with severe gum disease and failing teeth a chance to get their oral health back on track. In addition to her expertise in non-surgical periodontal treatments, Evdokia also performs numerous surgical procedures, aiming to correct the function and aesthetics of the gums and supporting structures.

Her favourite part of periodontics is giving her patients their confidence back through getting their gum health in order. Restoring smiles and confidence makes it all worthwhile.

Outside of looking after gums and oral health, Evdokia enjoys yoga and acrobatics. She also likes to travel and take beautiful pictures of the scenes she finds.

Andreas Jahnigen Oral implantologist
GDC: 100182

Andreas Jahnigen

Oral implantologist
DDS, MSC in Oral Implantology (DGI, Germany)
GDC: 100182

Andreas is a very highly qualified implant and oral surgeon with a Diploma in Implantology, a Masters in Oral Implantology and a Masters in Oral Implantology and Periodontology from the prestigious German Association of Implantology (DGI, Germany) which is the largest Implantology organisation in the world. He received his degree in dentistry from the Medical University of Hanover in Germany in 2001. He then practiced with his father, Dr Lutz Jahnigen, a renowned dental implant surgeon (who also had a background in medicine) and had the good fortune to observe his father at work.

Andreas came to London in 2005 with a focus on dental implantology. He co founded the Camden Dental Implant Centre alongside Dr Martin Gilbert and Dr Danny Temkin, his mentor. He has been placing implants there on weekends since 2005 and will continue to do so.

Andreas’ postgraduate implant training includes the certificate in advanced surgical and prosthodontic implantology from Boston USA. Andreas has also received specialist training in major sinus lifts under the auspices of Dr Ziv Masur. In addition, he has participated at the IMCI 2008 International Masters course on Implantology in Paris, France. He is currently placing implants principally from Straumann, Xive (Dentsply) and Alpha-Bio (NobelBiocare).

Andreas is a great lover of Aesthetics and carries within his practice a highly sensitive approach to all of his clients. He strives to bring his patients the most cutting edge dental knowledge in a caring, safe and professional environment.

Andreas is also an accomplished pianist and tennis player. He speaks fluent English, German and French. He is passionate about understanding the ideology and art of other cultures.

Joanna Maria Kowalczyk-Laska Endodontist
GDC: 224623

Joanna Maria Kowalczyk-Laska

DDS, PG DIP in Endodontics
GDC: 224623

With a passion for minimally invasive dentistry and Endodontics (root canal treatment), Joanna strives to convince her patients that dentistry is not supposed to be scary. Her friendly and relaxed manner puts patients at ease from the outset.

Joanna graduated in 2004 from the Medical University of Warsaw. In 2005 she completed a two year postgraduate Diploma in Endodontic practice with merit from the world renowned Eastman Dental Institute, University College London.

Committed to continuous education, in 2018 Joanna completed a course in advanced treatment planning and occlusal management, run by one of the UK’s most prominent cosmetic dentists, Dr Christopher Orr.

In her free time Joanna enjoys skiing, ice skating (currently pursuing Skate UK programme) and travelling.

Chantal Burgess Associate Dentist (Special interest in Oral Surgery)
GDC: 264141

Chantal Burgess

Associate Dentist (Special interest in Oral Surgery)
BSc (Hons)Dental Hygiene & Therapy (University of Birmingham 2012), BDS (Hons) Dentistry (University of Central Lancashire ULCAN 2016), MFDS RCS (ed) 2018, Dentist with a special interest in Oral Surgery (London Region) 2020, Invisalign Certified 2020
GDC: 264141

Chantal recently joined our team of dentists with her experience in oral surgery. Her favourite part of being a dentist at Camden Dental is the ability to bring relief to those in dental pain. It’s a life-changing thing to stop that suffering and make them able to enjoy life again.Meeting new people and helping them is a vital part of her role. It brings something new to every day. She also enjoys giving people a reason to smile again, whether through general care or confidence-boosting cosmetic treatments.

Chantal likes to keep active and goes running often. She also has an interest in bouldering and skiing. She’s a big fan of going to the theatre, as well as spending time with her family and friends.

Spyridon Stavropoulos Dentist
GDC: 100361

Spyridon Stavropoulos

Special interest in Dental Implants and Restorative Dentistry
GDC: 100361

Spyros is a dental surgeon with a special interest in Dental Implants and Restorative Dentistry, His main interests are Implants and Oral Surgery, and he is very good at handling nervous patients.

After graduating from the University of Athens in 1996 he went on to serve as a dental surgeon in the Greek armed forces and then his own private practice in Greece. He moved to London and took a Diploma in Implantology at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute. As well as operating at the International Canada Dental Centre, he has his own dental practice in Victoria.

He is very popular with his patients and they always leave his surgery smiling.

He is a keen snowboarder, loves kite surfing and does part time training in theatre acting.

Hema Patel Dentist
GDC: 74991

Hema Patel

BDS 1998- United Medical Schools of Guys and St Thomas (Umds), DRDP 2009 – Eastman Dental Institute (UCL), Diploma in Restorative Dental Practice
GDC: 74991

Henna joined our team in 2019 and since then has helped many patients. Her chief focus is on restorative treatment, rebuilding broken teeth and helping to eliminate dental pain. Correcting dental issues as well as filling in cavities makes a huge difference and her patients often leave with their confidence back.

Henna is very well travelled. She’s explored Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, USA, Mauritius and Thailand. She loves to try out local styles of cooking when travelling. In particular, she enjoys cooking Thai and Asian food. She also does good work when travelling and has volunteered with dental charity work in Sierra Leone. She saw lots of patients who had previously had no access to dental care and needed treatment.

Matheus Prado Dentist
GDC: 245408

Matheus Prado

King’s College London BDS (Dentistry) 2019, KT Training 2020 Filler/Botox, Dental Technology Diploma 2003
GDC: 245408

Matheus has been practicing General Dentistry in Camden Dental Centre after spending some time in West London after graduating. He is originally from Brazil but lived in Sweden before settling here. He started his dental career as a dental technician in 2004 then worked as a dental nurse before graduating as a dentist. His past experience and his interest in oral health makes him a valuable resource for patients who need restorative treatment to get their smile back on track. His favourite part of the job is how he really can help his patients, especially when they are in pain. Giving them relief and leaving them pain-free makes his job incredibly fulfilling.

Outside of work, Matheus enjoys running, swimming and theatre.

Julie Boddington Dental Hygienist. BA, MA.
GDC: 2672

Julie Boddington

Dental Hygienist. BA, MA.
GDC: 2672

Julie’s dental studies began at the Royal London Hospital in 1981 and then the Royal Naval Dental Training School where she qualified as a Dental Hygienist in 1983. Julie is continuing professional development for the role of Dental Hygienist, and more recently completed a foundation course in Facial Aesthetics.

Initially, from the early 1990s, Julie worked part time at Camden Dental Centre, working her way up to the role of full time clinician that she holds today. Her favourite part of the job is catching up with her numerous regular patients and knowing that she has assisted them towards excellent oral health and therefore better general health. She enjoys meeting new patients and helping them understand how they can best look after their oral and general health.

Outside of work, Julie likes taking long walks on Hampstead Heath, dining in and out with friends, reading, gardening and going to the theatre.

Agnes Mendi Head Nurse
GDC: 231118

Agnes Mendi

Head Nurse
Dental Nursing 2011 Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, National Diploma in Dental Nursing, 2015 Certificate in Oral Health Education
GDC: 231118

Agnes enjoys being in a supportive role, helping the dental team, encouraging our patients and creating a calm, efficient working environment. She likes to work with our specialists and make conversations with our lovely patients. It’s great to achieve good dental treatment results in an excellent environment.

Outside of work, Agnes enjoys keeping fit with yoga and running. She likes travelling, immersing herself in a good book, cooking and music.

Helen Torres Nurse
GDC: 116852

Helen Torres

GDC: 116852

Helen has been at the practice for nearly 30 years, helping our patients with their care and working closely with principal dentist, Martin. Her favourite part of the job is working with a great team of dentists, specialists and nurses.

When not at work, Helen enjoys cooking and going on walks. She also likes to spend time with family and friends.

Michael Alcock Dental Nurse
GDC: 218583

Michael Alcock

Dental Nurse
Diploma in Dental Nursing – Royal London Hospital 2010
GDC: 218583

Michael has been a valued member of the nursing team since 2015. His favourite part of the job is the team spirit, helping and working closely with the whole team at Camden Dental Care. He likes the hands-on element of the job and how every day is different.

Michael’s interests include classic literature, particularly Donne’s Devotions upon Emergent Occasions.

Tonila Popa Trainee dental nurse

Tonila Popa

Trainee dental nurse

Tonila has recently joined our team as a trainee dental nurse. She works closely with the dentist and assists in the surgery, helping patients with their care.

Outside of work, Tonila enjoys reading and spending time with her friends. She also likes to go travelling.

Shammy Rambajan Receptionist

Shammy Rambajan

Diploma in travel and tourism management 2005-2006, Diploma in Business Administration 2006-2007, Acom 1 & 2 (association of computer and operations management 2000-2003)

Shammy really enjoys working as a receptionist. She likes the interaction with the patients and making them feel comfortable. She’s been at the practice since 2008.

In her spare time, Shammy enjoys cooking and working out. She also likes spending time with her nephews and nieces and going to the theatre.

Julianna C Receptionist

Julianna C


Julianna has been working at Camden Dental Care since 2016. Her favourite part of being a receptionist is the interaction with patients, making them feel happy and comfortable.

Outside of work, Julianna enjoys travelling, cooking and working on her own personal development.