Straightening your smile with Invisalign

Let your teeth work the way they should with orthodontics. Using teeth straightening treatment, we can use gradual forces to guide your teeth into a position that’s better for aesthetics and functionality. Having a correctly aligned bite will prevent persistent jaw issues and tooth wear. Orthodontics can help improve your overall oral health as well as neaten your smile.


We are an Invisalign provider. If you wish to benefit from a straighter smile but are worried about how braces look, Invisalign can help you achieve the best smile without needing to make any changes to your lifestyle.

Invisalign uses clear aligners that gradually move your teeth to a neater, straighter position. They work through using a series of aligners where each set moves the teeth a small amount before being swapped for the next set.

What does the treatment involve?

We first take scans of your teeth and mouth using our 3D scanner. These digital impressions allow us to show you exactly what your smile looks like on the chairside monitor. We can use the scanning software to preview how your smile will look following from the treatment.

These scans are sent to the lab where your aligners are made. Once we receive them, we invite you back for the fitting. Depending on how much movement your teeth need to achieve will determine how many sets of aligners you have. We’ll take you through the order of aligners, when to change to the next set and how to keep your teeth clean during the treatment.

When your teeth have reached their new position, we need to take impressions again so we can create your retainer.

How long will my smile stay straight for?

Your teeth will stay straight for as long as you wear your retainer. After straightening treatment, teeth can move back to their original position if not retained. Retainers are made after the treatment using impressions of your newly straight teeth. For a few months, you’ll need to wear the retainer at night when you sleep to give your teeth time to stabilise.

As we age, our teeth are prone to shifting and moving about. Your retainer can stop this shifting if you wear it often, keeping your smile straight for much longer.