Rejuvenating your skin through facial aesthetic treatments and consultations

At Camden Dental, our qualified clinicians can use facial aesthetic treatments to achieve the best results for your face and skin type. We offer consultations so you can speak to our experts and talk through what you would like to achieve. We can then arrange a tailored treatment plan.

As we age, our skin starts to lose key components that are responsible for its smoothness and volume. As we lose elastin and collagen, our skin starts to lose volume and lines begin to appear. Facial rejuvenation injections stimulate the growth and regeneration of elastin and collagen which, as a result, brings a new lease of life to ageing skin.

Why come to Camden Dental for facial
aesthetic treatments?

While the natural choice would be to see a beautician’s studio of facial treatments, a dentist is best placed for precise treatments involving the facial anatomy. As dentists and clinicians, we carry out precise injections every day. Also as experts in cosmetic dental care, we know how to get the very best results for your smile and overall appearance.

What treatments are available?

Dermal Fillers

Using dermal fillers, we can replenish lost volume and smoothen noticeable lines. Our fillers use hyaluronic acid, a chemical already present in skin, which boosts cellular reproduction and encourages rehydration.

Anti-wrinkle injections

Our qualified facial aesthetics clinician can prescribe anti-wrinkle injections. Known by the brand name, Botox, this treatment can target muscles under the skin and block nerve signals. This stops wrinkles that appear through muscle movement in the face.

The effects of your treatment fade over time and need to be topped up. The treatments do last longer over time as you have it done more often.