Expert specialist dentistry for all your oral and dental needs, delivered under one roof

In addition to our team of fantastic dentists, we also have consultants and specialists in-house. We can carry out specialist treatment under one roof, meaning that there’s no need to refer away if you require more complex care for your needs.

Why choose our implant clinic?

Our specialist oral surgeon and prosthodontist work together to provide the very best standard of implant treatment, covering both the surgical and restorative sides of treatment. We have full use of 3D scanning technology and use the very best quality of implant tools so the standard is always exemplary.

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Saving teeth and eliminating tooth infection with expert endodontics

We do all we can to save teeth from being extracted. Endodontics is the field of dentistry concerned with root canal treatment. We can treat any infected teeth, removing the inflamed pulp, relieving any pain and stopping the infection in its tracks.

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Straightening smiles with specialist orthodontics

We offer specialist private orthodontics, providing a range of straightening treatments that can help correct overcrowding, crooked teeth, bite issues and jaw alignments. Adult orthodontics is more popular than ever thanks to subtle straightening solutions such as Invisalign.

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Maintaining gum health and preventing tooth loss with periodontics

Your gums are vital to the overall health of your smile. Periodontal treatment focuses on stalling gum disease and preventing the condition from causing problems for your oral wellbeing. Our expert periodontist carries out gum treatments including treating periodontitis, placing implants and gum graft surgery.

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