Be proud of your smile and lighten your teeth with teeth whitening

Want to change something about your smile but not sure what? Teeth whitening is a dramatic way to lift your smile and dazzle your friends and family alike. A white smile isn’t exclusive to the rich and famous. At Camden Dental, we offer fantastic teeth whitening treatments that can fit around your lifestyle and budget.

Whitening uses a safe chemical reaction that breaks down stains in the surfaces of your teeth. We offer home whitening kits which gradually lighten your teeth over the course of two weeks. You’ll watch your smile whiten as the days pass until you reach the shade that you wish.

Why do our teeth darken with age?

Our teeth are naturally white in colour but, as time goes on, they pick up stains and begin to darken. Our diets and lifestyles are partially responsible, but the white enamel wears away over time, revealing the darker, yellower layer of dentin underneath. Stains trapped in the dentin become more visible as well.

WWhitening removes the stains from the enamel and in the dentin, bleaching your teeth and achieving a lighter shade as a result. As our teeth darken with age, a whiter smile gives a youthful appearance to your overall look.

What does the treatment involve?

We first make sure your teeth are healthy and clear of any issues. We may also recommend that you see a hygienist before having the treatment as tooth cleaning can lift off surface stains. Once your teeth are cleaned, we arrange for impressions to be made as these are needed for making your custom mouth tray.

When we receive your tray and whitening solutions, we invite you back to talk through your treatment and how to achieve the very best results. For the 14 days of your treatment, we are always at hand if you need help or have any questions.

We see you on the last day to check on your teeth and make sure that you are happy with the final shade. You keep your mouth tray as you may need it in the future for top-ups. Your whiter smile can become stained as before, but it is nothing that future treatment can’t solve.